Unless otherwise specified, this business policy applies to our development of FileMaker databases only.

PRICES & RATES Databases of our own creation are covered by our performance guarantee that cannot be applied to databases created by others. When we are engaged to work on databases created by others, our billing is based strictly on actual hours at the quoted rate, without exceptions.
All database development is performed on an hourly basis, at hourly rates quoted in advance to the customer. When a project is quoted with a fixed price, the customer is not obligated to pay more than the quoted amount. When a project is quoted at an hourly rate, the customer will receive, together with each invoice, our corresponding Time Report that details each and every billable item, along with any items that are included as “no charge” for maintenance or error correction.

FULL ACCESS Any FileMaker database in which our development services are expected to be performed must be accessible with the “Full Access” security privilege. We reserve the right to insist that, during the course of our development work, “Full Access” security be denied to any or all other individuals whose inadvertent or deliberate actions could compromise the accuracy and/or effective performance of our programming. If the subject database is hosted on a networked server other than our own, we reserve the right to insist on access to the database using the FileMaker Server Admin console or its nearest equivalent provided by a qualified FileMaker database hosting service.

PLATFORM All development work on FileMaker databases will be performed on the Macintosh platform, unless agreed otherwise. Customers whose databases will be deployed for users on Windows systems are expected to notify us of this requirement in advance, in order that unnecessary retroactive time-based work can be avoided. In databases which include previously developed components for Windows users, all reasonable efforts will be made to adhere to existing use of fonts, colors and other programming or design elements that behave or appear differently under Windows than they do on Macintosh systems. All new development work will be performed for “cross-platform” use wherever possible. Testing of the visual appearance for Windows users will be performed when necessary or specifically requested.

VERSIONS Customers whose databases will be used with versions of FileMaker Pro software earlier than the current, publicly available version are expected to advise us in advance of the requirement to avoid the use of program features that do not exist in prior editions.

PLUG-INS If the performance of a desired feature requires the purchase and installation of a third-party FileMaker plug-in, customers will be advised of this option and the applicable purchase price. When use of a plug-in is covered by our developer’s license, customers will be advised of any corresponding charges. Customers who opt to have the same or similar features programmed without third-party plug ins will be advised of the feasibility and corresponding time-based programming charges.

PAYMENTS Customer invoices are due and payable upon presentation, as stated in the Terms on the invoice. Customers are welcome to pay by credit card. When a card number is kept on file for use in future billing periods, the customer will receive a copy of the Invoice and corresponding Time Report at the time the invoice is settled by charge to the customer’s account.
Any item on our Time Report may be disputed if brought to our attention within ten (10) days of presentment of our invoice. If the disputed item results in a settlement in the customer's favor, a credit or refund will be applied to the same credit card account as used for the Invoice payment.

WEB PAGE/SITE INTEGRATION When databases are expected to be integrated with web pages or sites that read from and/or write to those FileMaker databases, customers will be advised in advance of the various available options for deployment. Integration options include FileMaker Instant Web Publishing and various custom web publishing “middleware” languages, including but not limited to, PHP, Lasso Tango, etc.

HOSTING Databases may be hosted on the customer’s choice of available network servers, including our own. When customers elect to use our own FileMaker Server for ongoing hosting services, fees will be waived during the development period. Beginning upon completion of our development work, applicable monthly hosting fees will be invoiced quarterly in advance. Thereafter, hosting fees will be waived for any successive month in which new development services are performed for which the charges are equal to or greater than the monthly hosting fee.

Filemaker Go - Customers who intend to access their FileMaker databases using FileMaker Go mobile “apps” are expected to communicate such intentions in advance of new development work so that we may properly project the required additional time required for use of the database on mobile devices. Not all features of FileMaker Pro, whether developed by ourselves or others, can necessarily be implemented for use in FileMaker Go.

SOFTWARE Unless specifically quoted otherwise, our development fees do not include the purchase of any software offered for sale by FileMaker, Inc. Customers are welcome to request special pricing which may benefit from volume licensing, annual licensing, or special pricing in which FileMaker software is “bundled” together with our unique database solution.


Customers are not responsible for avoidable errors that are made in good faith performance of our obligation to produce a database that performs according to the customer's specifications. When written or other clearly defined specifications do not exist, errors are more difficult to avoid and thus cannot always result in “no charge” billing or a refund of disputed amounts. When an avoidable error is brought to our attention during a billing cycle, the time devoted to that item will be recorded as “no charge or maintenance” on our periodic Time Report. When an item on a Time Report is the subject of a legitimate billing dispute settled in the customer's favor, a prompt refund will either be issued or a credit applied to the next subsequent invoice, according to the customer’s preference.

If a customer desires to take possession and control of a database that we create and host for the customer's use on our own equipment, the only condition for release of that database is that the customer's account be paid in full at the time the database is transferred to the customer. If the customer also desires to have "full access" privileges to the database architecture and programming code, the developer password will be provided and the customer will be advised that we are henceforth not responsible for changes or damage to the database. A duplicate copy of the database at the time of transfer of control may be retained for possible future work. No warranty or promise of performance is made in regard to future work that may be required to repair or reconstruct a database that was modified by other person(s) after we have transferred full access control at the request of the Customer.

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